Let’s Get Started!

We finally did it… we started a business, and we even named it 🙂

After over a year of talking about it, dismissing it, then talking about it some more, we finally agreed to start our little business and share it with the world. Who knows if it will ever become anything exciting, but we’ll be pleased if it just pays for our hobbies. Since we are still building up product (and lets be honest here, Covid-19 is helping us find the time to do so), we thought we’d start a blog to share our journey, share what we’re making, and hopefully sell a few things along the way!

Blanket and Bear are Robin and Clare (and yes, we did know that rhymed when we chose it, we’re weird that way).

Blanket (Robin) loves to knit; loom knit to be precise, but don’t be fooled by what may appear as a simplified way to knit. Sure, its easier to initially learn than “needle knitting”, but it can have just as much complexity to it if you take the time to learn more than the basic stitch, and Blanket has done just that. I’ve watched her pour over pattern books and YouTube videos figuring out how to get her cast-on or cast-off just right, or to find the perfect design to try next. It’s amazing what she can create, and now she wants to share it with you.

I am Bear (Clare), and I love to sew. Sure I could make my own clothes, but why, when making stuffed animals is so much more fun. I use patterns mostly, but am also attempting to design my own, so hopefully I’ll get to share some of that as we go.

How did this all start, you may ask (or you may not, but I’m going to tell you anyways)? Blanket’s nephew. It’s all his fault. We decided to pool our resources and make a matching set for his first Christmas. We spent well over an hour in our local fabric/yarn store, picking out the perfect yarn, fleece, patterns etc. The result; a soft knitted blanket, a teddy bear with the nephew’s name embroidered on it, and a sleeper with a teddy bear applique. The sleeper was way too big, so it was nearly a year before we got a photo of him in it, with the teddy and blanket together, but it was worth the wait.

And so started the concept for Blanket and Bear. Matching knitting and sewing creations for the Little Ones in our lives (and hopefully yours).

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