Combining Our Skills

For those who don’t know, Blanket is also a preschool teacher, and one of the things she sees a lot of is “loveys”. These are cute little stuffie/blanket hybrids, made for little hands to carry around easily and snuggle with as they sleep. We thought it would be the perfect time to try and combine knitting and sewing.

With a Owyn’s 2nd birthday approaching, Blanket thought it would be fun to match the lovey to a blanket she made for her mom the year before (giving nephew a mini version of grandma’s blanket). I set to work finding matching materials and created a dragon head and wings to go on it. Lets just say, it seemed easier in theory than it was in practice.

The end result was a little off-balance, with the head much bigger than needed, but it looks ok, and Owyn seemed to like it. In future, I hope to make smaller heads, and possibly try the head in the middle of the blanket, so all four sides hang down from it. More things to test…

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