Towelling Off

A little back story here: While the idea of building a business started almost two years ago, it took a while to get going. One of the things that was slowing me down, was the daunting question of the right way to do eyes on stuffed animals. We wanted to focus mostly on baby gifts, so using any kind of eye that could be pulled off wasn’t going to work for us. Even the “safety eyes” specifically designed for making stuffed animals say they are not meant for children under a certain age. When I made Owyn’s teddy bear, I hand embroidered the eyes, which looked great and was easy for one project, but is very time consuming. No way did I want to hand embroider each stuffie I made! Solution – an embroidery machine! Yes! Thanks to a 50th birthday in a year when all travel plans got vetoed (thanks Covid), we decided to invest in a machine to make eyes not only easier, but much more professional too. Problem solved.

Well, if any of you have ever received a new “toy” you will know that things can quickly get out of hand. We both had fun coming up with new projects that the machine could do, and one of our favourites was towels. The first set of towels was made for a friend, getting ready to go off to college. She loves elephants, so we found a fun design and made her a set with her initial and the elephants.

That was quickly followed by a couple of kid birthdays for close family friends. Jaylin’s birthday was in June, and when her younger brother had his birthday a few weeks later he eagerly opened his gift waiting to see what we had put on his towel. He loves fishing and even knew what type of fish we had found to embroider on it.

Finally, we had Owyn’s second birthday and wanted to add a towel to the lovey we had already made. Blanket found a great free pattern for hooded towels for kids, which is an excellent place to start if anyone is interested in creating their own hooded towels:

Blending the bear pattern from that website, with some embroidery designs I had from (more on her amazing designs in another post), I was able to create this cutie.

My towel sewing skills needs some work, but the plan is to create more of these creature towels. Stay tuned.

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