It’s a Girl :)

Our first Reborn Doll was “born” on Sept 1 at 8:57pm, weighing in at 5.4 pounds. She is the Tumaini kit by Iris Clement. Yes, these are things Reborn collectors want to know, and sometimes even a certificate of authenticity (becoming more popular as scam sites increase). She’s not perfect, and she’s we aren’t trying to sell her. It will be fun to compare future dolls to this one, and see how far we’ve both come.

A little less than a month later, we finished our second doll. Though neither of these sculpts are gender specific, we kept referring to this kit as a boy, so he has remained that way for now (can change if he’s adopted by someone who wants a girl of course).

There is currently another, slightly larger doll on the painting table, and another two doll kits that we are waiting for. It’s not a cheap hobby but we’re hoping, at some point, our babies will be ready to be adopted and recover some of our costs.

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