A Cool New Stuffie Idea

Did you think we’d forgotten our original goal? Yeah, so did we 🙂

Back in the summer Blanket and I were showing off some of our project ideas to Owyn’s mom, and she got really excited about a stuffie I had made for Blanket – a reversible dragon (an egg that flips inside-out to reveal the dragon inside). I then showed her a similar pattern for a unicorn that flips inside out of its jewel (unicorns don’t come from eggs, you know). She eagerly asked if I could make her niece the unicorn for her birthday in November. We sat together and picked from the different wings and eyes options and the colours that it would be.

Then we got into Reborn Dolls and all was forgotten. Fast forward to October and I set the dolls aside to return to sewing. Here is our first reversible unicorn. It turned out so cute, and I’m excited to make more of them to sell. Thank you Choly Knight for all the wonderful patterns and embroidery files that you’ve created. https://cholyknight.com/

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