More Babies ;)

So after some miscommunication, one of the dolls we thought we’d sold is still sitting in our nursery. The good news, the mom decided to order a different doll from us (to match the first) and we are now busy getting that one ready for a February birthday.

Since we had to order a new kit anyways, we decided to make use of the free shipping, and bought a Twin A by Bonnie Brown, one of the most popular reborn doll kits around and our first that came with a COA (Certificate of Authenticity). We are moving up in the world lol.

We then found a woman nearby looking to sell a toddler kit, so we drove over to her place and scooped that one up as well. Lilly by Conny Burke is our first Limited Edition doll, as well as our biggest doll to date, measuring at 28″ when assembled.

And if those weren’t enough, we picked up one more kit when Bear had to order some more paint supplies from the doll shop. It’s a tiny little thing (micro-preemie at only 11″ long). Bear’s justification for this one: “I can have it to create clothes for dolls this size to sell at shows as well”. Yeah, uh-huh. 🙂 Now there are four dolls in various stages of production. Exciting.

Blanket also got a new set of looms for Christmas so she is testing out newborn baby hats and booties. These will work great with our baby sets of blankets and stuffies, as well as go home with sold dolls (we hope).

Our house has been taken over by our hobbies, new and old. Hopefully we can get to some doll shows and/or markets later this year and try selling some of it!

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