Playing with Towels

It’s been a month of designing hooded towels. We added some software to our embroidery supplies and are now able to better create the faces we need for our animal towels. With seven towels requested, we set to work creating a program to design and share our animal towel ideas with the customer, and then use that design to create the finished product. Lots of prep hours, but hopefully worth it in the end.

As a result we have added a second dragon style, a polar bear, a frog, a fox, and a triceratops to the series. Four of these towels were going to a friend who was giving them to her grandchildren for Easter. The other three were going to our nephew as delayed Christmas presents (thanks Covid). The names are embroidered on the bottom of the back of the towel, but the only way to have them showing while folded up nicely, puts them upside-down (for those who noticed and were curious). All of them had names on them, some just got pulled up under the face.

For more information on our towels, and individual pictures of all the animals we’ve done so far, please head over to our Towel page:

Since I took so long to finish this update, I have already received a few pictures from the recipients of these towels, and have been given permission to share. I have to admit, it’s a lot of fun seeing the final result on the kid it was created for!

Since making these towels, there has been quite a bit of excitement from friends and family about making more. We found some good towels on sale, so picked up a bunch of them, with plans for a duck, a lamb, and possibly and elephant. We also have a request for three more quite different animal towels, so stay tuned to see how those come out. 🙂

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