Fun Gift Ideas

If you haven’t already figured it out, Girl Guides (Girl Scouts in some parts of the world) is a huge part of both Blanket and Bear’s lives. They actually met because of Guiding (long story, not important here). They both work together in two different units, a Ranger unit (15-17 yrs) and a Pathfinder/Ranger joint unit (12-17 yrs). As Rangers complete their program, they are usually heading off to university, college or moving out. For the last few years, Blanket and Bear have given them parting gifts that might help them as they move into adulthood (towel sets being the most common).

This year, they decided to give the three graduates the choice of what they wanted, and it was fun seeing the very different styles they chose. One Ranger loved the hooded towels, and badly wanted a cat towel. Another chose a crazy looking duck with a scuba mask. The third wanted something the represented her life in Girl Guides, so I used shamrocks in the colours of the five branches of Canadian Guiding and made her a Girl Guide set. The best part – these SO represented each of these young women perfectly.

I guess I did too good of a job on the Girl Guide set, as it came to the attention of GGCs intellectual property people, and I was asked to remove it from my website. They have no problem with the gift I made, just with making it look like I would sell something that very much looked like their property. I respect this, and have removed the picture of her towels as a result. They did look pretty cool though, if I do say so myself :).

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