About Us

So, who are Blanket and Bear?

Blanket (Robin) is a preschool teacher (and autism therapist) who also loves to knit. She discovered loom knitting a number of years ago, and while it is easy to learn initially, it can be just as complex and detailed as needle knitting or crochet. Blanket has spent hours pouring over new pattern books and YouTube videos to find the perfect design to try next. It’s amazing what she can create, and now she wants to share it with you.

Bear (Clare), is an artist who loves to sew more than she likes painting. She has been sewing since her mom taught her to use a sewing machine when she was 10, and has discovered that stuffed animals are her favourite. Stuffies, Softies, Plushies, whatever you choose to call them, she likes to make them!

If you’re interested, check out our first blog article that tells the story of how Blanket and Bear came to be.

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