This is our second time painting Charlotte, and we would paint/root her again! Beautiful sculpt ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 18โ€ณ โ€“ fits newborn clothes
  • 5.0 lbs (*weighted to โ€œfeelโ€ newborn โ€“ see below for explanation)
  • soft vinyl โ€“ full arms and legs and ยพ belly plate
  • gender-neutral cloth body
  • micro-rooted hair & eyelashes
  • magnetic pacifier
  • see birth certificate below for kit info (certificate can be changed if you want to rename the baby)

$450 plus shipping (approx $30 within Canada)
– dressed with a diaper, the outfit in the photos and a pacifier

* living babies are mostly water; they move and their weight disperses as we move them around. Reborn dolls are weighted with small glass beads or poly-pellets which creates “dead weight”. Think of the difference between picking up a 20 lb baby and a 20 lb bag of potatoes. A weighted reborn doll “feels” heavier than it actually is. A 5 lb doll would feel more like an average 8-9 lb living newborn.

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